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Mobile Application by Using React Native

Nowdays the development of multiplatform application by using a framework become an alternative for developer, besides can save production cost, developer only need to do one-time coding and then mobile application can be used on various platform neither Android or iOS. One of the frameworks that can be used to build a mobile application is called React Native.

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework made by Facebook that can be used to develop native applications on Android platform and iOS by using Javascript. This can be done because the react native library also uses javascript called React.js. So the developer will feel sensation of building really native application by using React Native.

React Native is not similar with other hybrid framework such as ionic, which the purpose of React Native is to build trully native mobile application whereas ionic itself is intended to build website applications.

Why we need to use React Native?

Some of the advantages of React Native that makes it become increasingly popular:

  • One for All

React Native van be used to develop mobile application in 2 different environments in one development process. The javascipt code will be bridged to Android (Java) and iOS (ObjC), thus saving the production cost.

  • Trully Native

React Native application development using Native Component and Native API, and strongly support native module such as Push Notification, Deep Linking, Native UI Component and others. It will give really native sensation to developer when building the desired mobile application.

  • Support Library and Documentation

The library and documentation is available enough, so it will make it easier for developer to develop desired application.

  • Widely Used by Large Companies

React Native itself has been widely used by large companies such as Facebook, Instagram, AirBnb, Baidu, and many other, so the quality is no doubt.

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