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Data High Availability and Replication

Data is a crucial part for Business and Corporation. Customer data, Vendor data, Product data, and many other data are very important to secure and always available when required. We at EXPECC partnered with Oracle has implemented data replication solutionn in helping our clients businesses keep up with the competition. We realize that data replication can be complex and we can to simplify.

Replication Strategy

Data is everywhere. In most cases, enterprise required to replicate data for different purposes. Whether it is for Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Data Distribution, Data Caching, Active-Deactive Database and many more, the classical problem persist. How do we replicate data without disrupting our mission critical database? We use Oracle GoldenGate.

Why GoldenGate?

Oracle GoldenGate has proven to provide a low overhead to the source database. Many Enterprise has adopt GoldenGate in their Data Integration Strategy. Oracle GoldenGate also provides a very modular and flexible architecture which can support many use cases such as:

  • Reporting Database

  • Active-Deactive Database

  • Data Feed for Operational Data Store or Data Warehouse

  • Data Distributuin

  • Data Caching

  • etc

For more information, please visit Oracle GoldenGate site by click this link.

Why EXPECC for Data Replication?

Our experience with Data Replicaiton Implementation using Oracle GoldenGate has proven to bring our clients the full benefit of their data. We have more than 3 years of Oracle GoldenGate Implementation. We are confidence that our experience and best practicess will benefit our client by reducing implementation risk. We have people, the methodology and the technology (Oracle).

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